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Tampa FL Rodent Trapping & Removal

Rodents are a problem for many homeowners and businesses is the Tampa FL area. EXPEL is a professional wildlife control company specializing in effective Rodent removal services. The first step in solving any Rodent problem is finding out how it started. Is pet food left outside? Is there a hollow tree nearby? Are the garbage cans attracting unwanted wildlife? A thorough inspection from one of our professional animal removal technicians will determine what should be done to solve the problem as fast as possible. For most Rodent problems, we use humane trapping techniques to relocate the Rodents. Our Goal is to solve your problem as fast and safe as possible.

Tampa FL Rodent Exclusion Repair

If Rodents are getting into your home or business, it's important to determine how. As long as there are entry points leading inside, animals will continue to be able to get in. Our repairs are strong enough to keep even the biggest raccoons out for good. We always make sure the repairs blend in perfectly with your existing features. If a repair service is not completed to prevent new animals from getting in, you will most likely have a recurrence. Our wildlife exclusion repairs include a 1 year warranty and can be renewed annually. 

Tampa FL Rodent Clean-Up

If you have Rodents in your attic or crawl space, it is very important you remove the bio hazards they leave behind. Rodents are the carrier of various diseases and parasites which can be a huge health hazard for people and pets. To ensure these diseases don't spread, we can provide a detailed clean-up of the affected areas. We can remove damaged insulation and replace it with a new and more suitable product. We can remove all feces, urine stains, and odors associated with nuisance raccoons. We use an environmentally friendly enzyme product which will kill any bacteria and odors that may get left behind in the attic.

Tampa FL Rodent Prevention

The final step with any nuisance wildlife problem is ensuring there will never be a problem again. We will address many factors to ensure long term prevention and provide you with options for ongoing prevention services that will ensure the best wildlife control protection. We offer a wide range of services for all of your animal removal and pest wildlife needs.  

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