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​Our Tampa animal removal business is the leading wildlife control company in Florida. We have over 55 years combined staff experience. Our goal is to solve your problem as fast as possible, treat animals humanely, provide safe services, and provide the best customer service. Whether you need snake removal in St. Petersburg, bee removal in Palm Harbor, rodent control in Clearwater Beach, raccoon trapping in Bradenton, bird control in Sarasota, rat removal in Port Charlotte, dead animal removal in Sun City Center, Pigeon Removal in Lakeland, coyote trapping in Tampa Bay, get squirrels out of your attic in Winter Haven, or remove opossums from your trash in Land O' Lakes. Our Certified Wildlife Control Specialists are ready to assist you.

We solve problems from the following wildlife and pests:

*Snakes *Squirrels *Rats *Mice *Raccoons *Flying Squirrels *Bats *Beavers *Nutria *Coyotes *Foxes *Bobcats *Opossums *Skunks *Moles

*Gophers *Muscovy Ducks *Mallard Ducks *Canadian Geese *Pigeons *Starlings *Deer *Wild Hogs *Feral Cats *Exotics *Armadillos 

How To Get Rid of Animals in The Attic of Your Tampa, FL Home

One of the most common calls we receive in the Tampa area is people hearing scratching in their attic. Raccoons, opossums, bats, squirrels, birds, and rats are all common attic animals in Tampa. They often come into the attic to nest for the spring and summer or to stay warm in the winter. One thing that is very important for you to understand is that animals in any home in Tampa is a huge problem. Not only will wildlife in the attic keep you up at night or drive you crazy during the day, but they can also create serious hazards. We've seen Tampa houses experience rats, squirrels, and mice chewing on wires, raccoons soiling Tampa home insulation, and even opossums falling down walls and often dying because they can't climb out. The Tampa area is home to many wild animal pests, the good news is they don't have to live in your house. Our team of animal removal and wildlife control specialists know how to get wild animals out and keep them out for good. The first step in solving your attic animal problem is determining where the wildlife can get in. Did rats chew a hole through the soffit screen? Did raccoons break open the eaves? Did snakes squeeze through the weep holes? Did squirrels climb through a roof vent? We inspect everywhere and figure out the fastest way to solve your problem Tampa attic problem. Once the entry points are found, we can then go in the attic to check for hair, chew marks, trails, tracks, and feces. Animal feces are a serious health hazard to have in your attic and should be removed by one of our Tampa Wildlife Removal Specialists. To get the animals out of the attic we seal off the entry point by performing a wildlife exclusion and then install one way devices along with traps to remove the nuisance animals.

Our Wildlife Specialists have the experience and skills to solve your nuisance animal problems by providing fast animal trapping, effective wildlife exclusion, and efficient damage restoration to get your Tampa home back to it's original state.


Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home

Tampa Animal Removal Services

The Tampa, FL area is growing, and as development increases, so do nuisance wildlife. Tampa has healthy populations of many different animals that may cause a threat to your property and your health. We run into the common problems, such as; snakes in yards, attics, crawl spaces, and attics, armadillos burrowing under homes, raccoons in attics, rats and mice in attics & crawl spaces, squirrels in attics, honey bees in trees and in walls, bats in eaves, attics, and roof tiles, opossums in crawl spaces and attics, and many other problems. EXPEL's wildlife service solves problems by performing animal trapping, wildlife exclusions, and damage restoration.

Rodents in your attic and crawl space can contaminate food, spread disease, chew wires, and damage insulation. It is important that rats are removed before serious hazards are created. Our rodent experts remove rats fast and prevent them from returning.


Tampa Animal Control Experts

Muscovy ducks are a common bird pest in Tampa, FL. Our wildlife experts are highly trained in bird removal. We also commonly remove nuisance pigeons from commercial buildlings.

Tampa FL Wildlife Removal Business EXPEL can get rid of rodents, bees, birds, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, squirrels, bats, and many more!